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River Thames Advice

Environment Agency website: Navigation on the River Thames may be restricted or closed in certain areas. Find out where and when here: River Thames: restrictions and closures.

Environment Agency website: “Advice to Boaters“, which displays the current advice to river users about the conditions on the non-tidal Thames that may make navigating difficult and dangerous.

Live river level readings and flow rate: use the Flood Assist Insurance website to see live readings of the river level. Click on “River and Tidal Levels” and zoom into the stretch of the river you are interested in and click on one of the circles. You should see a graph of the river level at that location over the past few days. Similarly, you can click on “River Flow” and select one of the locations shown by a small circle and you should see a graph of the river flow rate for the last few days.

Environment Agency website: River Thames: locks and facilities for boaters