Boat Plans

Drawings by E. Grant

(A3 Sheets in .pdf Format)

21 Foot Single Thames Rowing Skiff (2 sheets)

Download - Skiff, Page 1 of 2 (PDF File)

Download - Skiff, Page 2 of 2 (PDF File)

Two Foot Thames Racing Punt (2 sheets)

Download - Punt, Page 1 of 2 (PDF File)

Download - Punt, Page 2 of 2 (PDF File)


Plans may be found in the following books:

Eric McKee, Working Boats of Britain, Conway Maritime Press, 1983, ISBN 0851772773 p. 172 gives the lines and offsets for a 24ft Double Thames Skiff by W.A.B. Hobbs of Henley-on Thames, England.

John Gardner, Building Classic Small Craft, Complete Plans & Instructions for 47 Boats, International Marine, 2004, ISBN 0-07-142797-X
Chapter 6 (Four Canoes), p.359, gives the lines and offsets of the following:
16ft cedar canoe by the Canadian Canoe Company, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, c. 1920;
17ft 'Arkansaw Traveller' canoe by J.H. Rushton, Canton, N.Y., USA, 1904;
14ft cedar sailing canoe by R.J. Douglas & Co., Waukegan, Ill., USA, 1887;
13ft cruising canoe by R.J. Turk, Kingston, Surrey, England, c. 1883 (adapted for cold molding by John Gardner).

Ted Moores, Canoecraft, An Illustrated Guide to Fine Woodstrip Construction, Firefly Books Ltd., 2000,
ISBN 1-55209-342-5

Chapter 4 gives the lines and offsets for 8 open canoes, including one based on John MacGregor's 'Rob Roy' canoe of 1865 and on an original 16ft 'Huron' cedar and canvas canoe by the Peterborough Canoe Company,
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Full size plans of the canoes in the book are available from the Bear Mountain Boat Shop in Canada.

R.T. Rivington, Punting, Its History and Techniques, published by R.T. Rivington, 1983, ISBN 0 95080452 5
Appendix 3 gives the lines and offsets for a 20ft long 3ft beam Thames punt designed by Capt. R.E. Wykeham- Martin in 1919.

Building plans are available from the following boat designers:

Iain Oughtred offers building plans including the following for glued lap clinker plywood construction:
19ft 'Badger' double and 16ft 'Mole' single lightweight Thames skiffs;
'Wee Rob' and 'MacGregor' sailing canoes inspired by John MacGregor's 'Rob Roy' canoe of 1865.
Further details of these designs are available on the Classic Marine website.

Selway Fisher offer building plans including the following:
17ft 'Mandarin' single or double traditional Thames rowing skiff;

17ft double and 12 & 14ft single Thames skiffs;
20ft and 16ft Cambridge punts;
numerous canoes.

Jordan Boats offer plywood parts kits for some of the above designs.

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